May 25, 2007

Some Highlights

No news. No updates. Still waiting for our final ruling which could come any day. From there, we will probably travel in about two weeks. I have plenty to keep me busy. Our service plan is due before we can bring Ruby home. It includes research, reading books, watching dvd's and answering questions on it all...I better get started! We sent off Ruby's birthday package and we are hoping she has a wonderful 2nd birthday on June 2nd. My dad reminded me it is her golden birthday! Hopefully this time next month she will be home with us.

Here's some pictures from our trip to Grandma Lulu's house in Indiana. We went to the zoo, my cousin was confirmed and Scott golfed. We had a great time catching up with all the relatives. I am consciously taking in these moments before our family becomes 4 and life changes forever. I know I will look back on this and wonder what I did with all my time! I can't wait!

Peace, Lani

Cutie Patootie

Ila and cousin Jake at his soccer game

Going to the Indianapolis Zoo

Happy zoo face...

Sad zoo face...

Relaxing at the zoo face

Lounging by the pool

Ila and her Great Grandpa Jake

The three of us


shelley said...

such a beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing. Hoping for a speedy final ruling.


Julie said...

I totally loved the picture with Great Grandpa! How precious is that.