August 04, 2007

Days of Summer

We've had lots going on these last couple of weeks. We've been to the new Minnesota Trail exhibit at the zoo and Ila loved it. She also has been into painting and lots of art projects. Ruby pretty much just does whatever Ila is doing. They both love the water and have had fun in the sprinkler and at the pool. Ila's dance classes and swimming lessons are finishing up for the summer and she starts preschool in September! I can't believe it!! She is very excited about it. She asks me when it is going to be fall so she can start school. And today we went to a wedding...the first one for the girls. Ila picked out a new dress with awesome silver clogs for her and Ruby. They were adorable! We leave in a week to go stay with Scott in California. I'm excited to visit and catch up with friends.

Here's the latest photos...enjoy!


Ila the Artist

A Day at the Park

Ready to dance

Helping Mom with laundry

The Minnesota Zoo

Backyard Fun

Hiking with the dogs

Graduation Party

The Wedding...and the silver clogs!


Lea Marie said...

what a beautiful family!

Julie said...

I do believe that the blue blob in Ila's painting is, in fact, a two-week old Skye Terrier puppy???

Beautiful pictures, they warm my heart, and I LOVE the silver clogs!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Wonderful pictures!

shelley said...

Great pictures thanks again for sharing. Ila...I love the clogs you picked out. It looks as though Ruby has been with you forever. Such a wonderful family.

Anonymous said...

Where ever did you find those silver clogs:)???????????? Cute pix! Have fun in CA!


marina said...

So CUTE! I love the pink dresses with the flower.