January 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and The Pig

Not to mention my little chef...

Good news! Our dossier has been completed and sent off to Journeys of the Heart! Hooray!! Also, we received our CIS approval -- a.k.a. I-171H. These are big steps for us and it feels so great to have these things completed. I am now waiting for the legal paperwork to be sent to us and after that we will wait for our first hearing of the court process.

So, how am I holding up? Glad you asked. After a visit to the doctor, I have found out that I have shingles! Of all things...!?!? Shingles...!?!? Who even knows what that is? Well, now that I am enduring the worst pain since child birth, I sure do. Ugh. Not so much fun. Supposedly it can come from stress. Hmmm...I knew January was going to be a hard month. But this is painful!

Finally, I talked to our Taiwan coordinator and found out that Ya-Hui means "elegant grace" in Chinese. We are still discussing name options with no winner quite yet. Ila has changed her mind too and now wants to name her baby sister "Wilbur". Not sure if that is a compliment or not. She does have a new stuffed pig named Wilbur that she just loves, so you never know.


cari said...

How about Grace? stinky about the shingles.

Julie said...

Grace...hmmm. Loni would think that's a good choice. ;)

Hope you are feeling better!