February 02, 2007

Ya-Ya's Room

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." -- John Quincy Adams

Today Ya-Ya is 20 months old. It is becoming increasingly difficult not to be with her. I am grateful that time seems to be moving along but patience is something I need more of. On Monday, I finished all the legal paperwork, had everything authenticated by the Secretary of State and then sent it all to TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in Chicago. So we are finally done with paperwork! We wait now to enter the court process. And wait to get word that we've had a first hearing (although I hear that St. Lucy's often skips this step!) or possibly move right to the first ruling.

I am almost finished with her room -- complete with her Ling doll that speaks Mandarin and English! From time to time, Ila wanders in there and finds a toy that she hasn't seen in a year and decides it is her new favorite. The closet needs to be filled but I am waiting to get an update on Ya-Ya to better guess what size she will be wearing. I hope to get more pictures of her in the next couple of weeks. I want to get the girls some of the same outifts too and hope that will help the two of them bond. My friend Joan already help start the project by sending us two adorable dresses! (Thanks Joan -- SO cute!!) I am also waiting to find out if Ya-Ya is in a bed already. Most likely she is in some sort of family bed situation which we definitely will be doing with her at home as well. So the crib may never get used! And since the windchill here in Minnesota is -24, it will be a while until the dresses get used too!

Peace, Lani


Lea Marie said...

Hey Lani--

The room is adorable! I LOVE the color!!! That doll looks pretty awsome as well!! love you

Joan said...

The room is soooo beautiful. I love the thank heaven for little girls above her closet! I'm glad you like the dresses, I hope they still fit the girls this summer, if not throw some shorts under them and call them a top!


Anonymous said...

the room looks great. I would move in if allowed.

Cari said...

Very Chic!!!!!! I'm sure that closet will fill with lightning speed!

Amy Mayfield said...

What a sweet room! We used a similar color scheme in Lauren's room.

Amy from the JOH group