April 02, 2007

Saying Goodbye...For Now

Today is our last day in Tainan. The last couple of days have been great -- we made it to the night market (yeah!), had dinner with Tien and David, and the grand opening at St. Lucy's was amazing.

We get to spend our last day seeing some sights with Ya-Ya and her foster mom. I know it will be hard saying goodbye, but at the same time I am so comfortable with the foster family that I know she will be well taken care of. Hopefully, within a few months we will be back to bring her home. Here's a clip from the grand opening...enjoy!


Monkhouse3 said...

OHHH! YOU3 Look Amazing together!!
WHat a great photo!
Can't wait to see you4 together
someday soon.
Thanks for all the lovely posts.
What an amazing wonderful adventure
for you guys!
Cant wait to see you.
Happy and safe travels home.

Monkhouse3 said...

oh, p.s.
sadly your video isnt working.
guess we'll just have to wait til
you get home!


Jean said...

Thank you for sharing your journey!!
Wow!! Your pictures are beautiful!!
Today is Anna's birthday(China)- your pictures give us hope!! Have a safe trip back home!!!
Jean and Jim

PS- the video worked for us!

Anonymous said...


You all look sooo happy. Love the video. I can't wait to talk to you when you return. Have a safe trip and do call when the jet lag wears off:)


Susan Hughes said...

How wonderful this entire trip was for you! I know it will be difficult to leave Ya-Ya behind, but what wonderful memories you will have until you can bring her home!
We're dying to know ... did you see our Mia?
Susan Hughes

taiwanbaby said...

Hearing her laugh with Scott was fabulous!! thanks for sharing with us. Wishing you safe and fast travels.

Tallentsfamily said...

Lani and hubby Scott
What a wonderful journey you are on. thank you for sharing all of the joy that God is bringing into your life right now. I am speechless at how wonderful the three of you look together and how much more wonderful once Ila is in the picture. Can't wait to hear more about it when you return.
Praying for a safe a quick return.
Jill Tallents (and Wyatt)