March 31, 2007

More With Mei Mei

Spending our second day with Ya-Ya was just as good as the first, if not better. It was my birthday and the foster mom brought me two beautiful Chinese outfits and the interpreter that is helping us also brought me a top and a skirt plus an outfit for Ya-Ya and one for Ila -- even one for Scott! I am so touched how sweet and gracious everyone is. They brought in a beautiful cake for me and many people from St. Lucy’s came in to sing Happy Birthday to me – in English and then in Chinese.

Ya-Ya is getting more comfortable around us and interacted with us a lot. She wore the backpack we gave her and she was wearing the Minnesota t-shirt too. They brought along the the foster mom’s mother who is 89 years old and so sweet. Ya-Ya is really taking to Scott and even let him hold her while she had a bottle. She laughed and smiled a lot and showed more of her spunky personality. She let Scott put her shoes on her when it was time to leave and gave us hugs. Tomorrow St. Lucy’s is having a pre-celebration before the grand opening so we will all be there again. Adoptive parents like us will have the opportunity to be interviewed if we want.

After we left, I struggled to stay awake (it’s been so hard to stay up past 5 p.m. for me!) and we went to the department store Mitsukoshi that happens to be right next to our hotel. They have the most unbelievable children’s shoe department I have ever seen! (Thanks Val!) Then we made it back to the hotel and crashed for the night. We are going to try and stay up tonight to make it to a night market…wish us luck!

Peace, Lani


Julie said...

Just fabulous! Who is Mei Mei? Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us in this way.

Monkhouse3 said...

SO SO cute she iS!!!
you all look so good and so so
silly-happy! tired too. i know.
it looks awesome and lovely!
thanks for sharing.

taiwanbaby said...

Love sharing the visits with you guys. thanks!!!!! it's really lifting our still waiting spirits. it's raining and yucky here so it's fun to see somewhere the sun is shining. how cool are those outfits. people sure are nice. Did you say SHOES?!!!!!!

Jean said...

She is so beautiful!! And what a wonderful foster mom!!! Happy Birthday!!! I hear in China and maybe Taiwan they have these wonderful squeaky shoes- everytime she takes a step they will squeak - check out the stores and see if they have them! You will always know where she is!! Get a pair for Ila too!! At our China travel class one of the moms bought a pair in every size!
Thanks for updating!! It makes my day!!

I-Chwen said...

Wow, big smile on Ya-Ya's face while playing with daddy, bubbles, birthday cake, new outfits (Scott and Lani look like a couple from classic Chinese novel, nice!!!)... This is so dizzyingly happy! Ya-Ya is so amazingly cute with her big eyes!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the updates. Yes, you guys look soooooooo happy and maybe a tiny bit tired:) I remember those nights we were in Seoul...such a struggle to stay awake. Happy Birthday. Definitely one you will never forget. How awesome.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the updates and the photos. As I-Chwen said, it's a happy sight for sure. Wow.


PS. There is a Mitsukoshi in Taipei on Chung Hsiao East Rd out near the Agora Garden hotel that Amy and Ryan stayed in. May be another reason to stay out there for those in program 3?

Joan said...

scott's looking sharp!!!!! So glad things are going so well ... Joan

Sarah said...

Had to share... my husband has been using Google maps to figure out where St. Lucy's is. He wants to have a map now if our referral comes from St. Lucy's to make sure we don't get lost and won't worry about finding the place on such an exciting day!

Julie, Mei Mei = chinese for "little sister."

TaiwanMommy said...

Ha! Glad you loved it, Lani!!


The mitsukoshi is Taipei? NOT the same. :(