June 06, 2007

Dinner with the Goslings

We finalized all our travel plans today. We leave in two weeks! Booking flights and hotels is about my least favorite experience ever. Especially since we are traveling in "high season" and its draining the bank account! The remainder of the day I spent frozen in fear that I have too much to do yet and I feel what I have learned so far, I have forgotten. Tomorrow will be a better day!

Here's a video clip from our trip to Indiana. We went to dinner one night and sat on the patio overlooking the lake and its inhabitants. Needless to say, Ila was in heaven!


shelley said...

YEA hopefully 2 wks will fly by. Please try to blog while you are there. We would love to see more pics.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can try the High Speed Rail from Taipei to Tainan this time. :) High speed rail is the new bullet train of Taiwan.


joan said...

Ila is so darn cute ... Joan