September 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We ended up coming home a week early from California but the girls had a blast and were getting anxious to go home. It gave us a week to settle in before preschool started for Ila. More importantly we got to go to the Minnesota State Fair! The best place on earth. In California, Disneyland was a huge hit...Ila loved seeing the princesses. We didn't wait in line for 2 hours to get our picture taken with them but Snow White did read a story and then three princesses did a dance and both girls could hardly blink. It's so awesome to watch the world through their eyes. Every day is such a blessing. Second to Disneyland was the ocean. Once Ruby got over sand being on her feet, we all had a great day playing in the ocean. It was so hot while we were there but we still got in all the must-sees...Los Angeles Zoo, Universal Studios, Long Beach Aquarium. Three weeks is a long time away from home and we are glad to be back.

Ruby is doing so amazingly well. She has picked up english so fast and can communicate effortlessly. She amazes me every day. We get some one on one time while Ila is in school. Her and Ila have a love/hate relationship (mostly love!) with typical sibling rivalry stuff. I can't believe she's only been home with us three months -- it seems like years.

Here's some pictures of the trip...


At the beach with my girls

Ruby and her love of sunglasses and handbags

Ila and her love of Ruby


Universal Studios

Los Angeles Zoo


Chairman Mom said...

Oh, Lani! How CUTE are those girls? Thanks for sharing the pix-- they're great!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Great pictures. They are too cute!

shelley said...

WOW looks like a great time.

taiwanbaby said...

yeah, your back!!! looks like you had a great time. love the pictures of ruby and her sunglasses.