October 06, 2007

Ila's First Day of School

Ila started preschool this year. She is going two mornings each week for two hours each day. She is loving school...and of course, loving wearing dresses EVERY day. Not that she has to, it's just that she pretty much refuses to wear pants these days. And not that I'm complaining because she looks so darn cute in all her dresses.

Ruby gets pretty excited too on days Ila has school. She gets dressed and puts on her backpack and yells "preschool mama!" all the way there. She looks a little confused when she doesn't get to stay. I keep explaining that she gets to go next year. Potentially, they could be in the same class next year if I choose to do that since they will be 3 and 4 years old. Hmmm...maybe three or four days a week from 9-3? Lots of "me" time sounds good right now! Here's some pictures from the first day.


shelley said...

They grow so fast.

Yvonne Crawford said...

How exciting, the first day of school. Love the pig tails.