October 30, 2007

Happy (Almost) Halloween!

I can't believe that October is over. The girls are looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. Ila is going as Super Girl and Ruby has a Bee costume but most days refuses to wear it. Most things that are confining to her, even having the covers over her at night, are things she is slowly getting used to. We have been practicing wearing winter hats around here since it will be a frozen tundra outisde very soon. Something she's not crazy about! It will be interesting to see how she reacts to snow for the first time. And Ila had "Camping Week" at preschool and they got to wear their pajamas to school. She is doing so well and learning so much. The other day she came home signing "The Days of Week" song and I was so impressed! Here's some pictures...

Pre-Halloween Fun

Wear Your Pajamas to School Day

More Pre-Halloween Fun

Fashion Girls

Learning to Wear a Hat in Minnesota!

Making (and eating) Cookies


shelley said...

Claire refuses to wear her costume as well. We went with a kitty, since she won't have anything on her head except for a "hairbow" so I glued ears to it and hope she will wear them tomorrow. Love the pictures the girls look so happy together.

Christine said...

Your girls are too too cute!

I like the picture of them walking together with one holding the doll.