November 09, 2006

Baby Steps

"Mommy, is my new baby sister coming on Saturday?"

"No honey, we'll have to wait a little longer."

"Oh, pickles!"

Throughout the adoption process, any little piece of the puzzle that you can complete is a milestone. Whether it's a phone call from your social worker or something that comes in the mail, you feel like you are actually doing something and you feel accomplished. Even if it's the smallest baby step. Today we received our appointment for our fingerprints (yes, we did fingerprints once already at our local police station) but these are the ones done through Citizenship and Immigration Services that will be cleared by the FBI. We go in next Friday...yeah! In the meantime, we wait. I'm thankful for the holidays coming because we all know how it will be January before we know it. And since it's 68 degrees outside in November in Minnesota, I have nothing to complain about.

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