November 27, 2006


But not on the adoption front.

The Thursday before Thanksgiving I received an email from our social worker telling me it would take another week to get our homestudy typed up. And with Thanksgiving being the following Thursday, I was wishing, hoping and praying that the typist that had our home study sitting on their desk would get the urge to go the extra mile and get the work done before Thanksgiving break. Well, I was wrong.

So, to pass the time and keep my mind off of the process I decided to potty train Ila. I pulled out her little potty on Wednesday evening and put it in the kitchen. We ran to the grocery store and when we got back Ila sat on her potty. I was putting away groceries and she asked me to come and look. She had done it! Not potty -- the OTHER! I was in complete disbelief! We sang songs as we danced around the kitchen and celebrated with M&M's. I was so proud of my little girl. I mean, what a way to start!

The rest of the weekend included dragging the porta-potty to Grandma's house, asking Ila every five minutes if she had to go potty and countless bribes. We had an accident here and there. But by day 3 she was doing it all by herself. Then on day four while out at Target she asked me if they had a toilet. We went to the restrooms and she went potty! My sweet little lla! She totally comes through for me in time of need. I needed something like that to get me through this weekend. There's nothing like a little pee in the potty to make me forget about all else and put a smile on my face! Thank you sunshine.


taiwanbaby said...

Hoooooooooray for Ila!!!!!!!!! I hear you sister in the pain of the potty progress. Stinky about the homestudy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that homestudy is in your hands in the morning. I love watching your story unfold.