December 03, 2006

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Here's the latest. I was confused on the list thing. Friends of mine in another program are on a list so I was expecting the same for us. With our program, there really isn't a list. We seem to be the only family right now in our program, or at least the furthest along in the process. So a list doesn't really exist. But if there was one, we would be first. From what I understand, our home study has to be reviewed, changes made, translated and sent to Taiwan. That will happen over the next couple of weeks. Once it is in Taiwan, the orphanage will know we exist and start the process to match a child with our family. This next part is unpredictable and it could happen fast or not. Journeys of the Heart is telling me 4-6 months wait time but I am open to good thoughts and prayers for a faster referral!

Winter has officially hit Minnesota and it is 20 degrees colder this week than last. Although we haven't gotten any snow yet, Ila is eager and ready! I am thankful for this busy holiday season though and know that in a blink it will be January. Ila turns 3 on December 14th and we have a big party planned this weekend. I'll keep everyone posted as we get more information!


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Julie said...

Lol, that coat cracks me up!!!