December 28, 2006

Santa has left the building...

I have to admit that for the first time I am glad the holidays are over and I think the dogs are too! Our Christmas was wonderful and spent with our families. Ila had a blast and Santa of course, didn't let her down! We went to see Santa on his sleigh the night before Christmas. He gave her TWO teddy bears -- one for her and one for her new baby sister. He knows everything! Now she is obsessed with Rudolph and walks around singing the song constantly -- even to strangers in the grocery store.

We are making progress with the adoption. Our home study has been finalized, notarized, translated and sent to Taiwan along with our photo pages. We are now working to get our dossier documents done. I am getting a care package ready to send to Ya-Ya with a blanket, doll and a photo album with our pictures in it. I am starting to really miss her and the days are starting to slow down. I pray that we get a quick judge and the court process happens quickly.

We still don't have snow in Minnesota but that can't stop me from wearing a great hat! Happy New Year to everyone and may 2007 be filled with all our dreams coming true.

Peace, Lani


Cari L said...

I couldn't be any more jealous of that fab hat!!!!

Julie said...

Who is that bearded fellow?