December 20, 2006


Here's a few more pictures of Ya-Ya. She looks happy -- and SO cute! I can't wait to have her in my arms. Our home study has been finalized and now we are working on our dossier which are the legal documents sent to Taiwan. We need to put together photo pages of our lifestyle for the judge. They would prefer to see pictures of activities and vacations that Scott and I have done -- but without your children in the photos. Hmmm....I've looked through the 900 pictures I have on my computer and in the ONE vacation we've taken Scott and I aren't in the same picture -- because HE took the photo. And lets see, out of the remaining 899 pictures, Ila is in about 890 of them. (the remaining 9 are of Portis, Simon, Maxine and Ludwig -- and can you believe I am trying to talk Scott into letting me get a Chihuahua -- !?) Anyway, I may have to work some magic in Photoshop to get the photos they want.

Ila went to see Santa again this year and LOVED it. Last year I had to be in the picture with her but this year she did it all by herself. She told him that she wanted Candyland. She was concerned that Mrs. Claus wasn't with him though and she thought he had alot of work to do and didn't know if he could get it all done by himself. She told me that Santa is a very nice man!

I hope your holidays are filled with love and happiness.

Peace, Lani


joan said...

I can't believe Ila was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap. Sally just lurks on the outskirts, she wants nothing to do with talking to him. We leave for NY tomorrow, I hope all your paperwork stuff goes well. Didn't you guys take any pictures of yourselves when you were in NY? Or how about some shots from your wedding, Yosemite surely highlights your 'active' lifestyle, whatever that means ...


Hey, I think I have a few pictures of the two of you - one from your baby shower and one from Tony's 40th birthday. Do you want them?

Julie said...

Good Girl Ila! She is getting so big...and could I please steer you away from a chihuahua?

Cari L said...

Can you stand how cute the cow swimming suit is. Very fashion forward is your little miss. This year was also Connor first good year with Santa. Piper screamed her head off. Have a wonderful Holiday Season.