December 10, 2006

Birthday Girl

We celebrated Ila's 3rd birthday today by having a big party at Pump It Up. The place was incredible! The kids bounced, jumped and played until they were exhausted -- and hungry! Then we had pizza, cake, ice cream and presents. A perfect day for our little princess. Did I mention the crown and throne? She loved it! A good time was had by all -- even Grandma who took a turn on the big blow-up slide. I can't believe three years have passed and how blessed we are to have such a wonderful daughter.


Tallentsfamily said...

I checked out your blog today--thanks for sharing your journey! I feel lucky to get a window into your lives. Im so excited for you and the new journey ahead with a little girl waiting to be adopted by you (on paper) --In your heart Im sure she is already yours. Blessings to your family! Feel free to check out our blog as well.
Happy Holidays!
Jill Tallents (wyatt's mom)

Joan said...

Happy Birthday Ila!!!!! That place looks awesome you guys! I want my birthday party there.Joan