March 13, 2007

A Care Package, A Poncho, A trip to Taiwan

So much news to report!
First, I have sent off Ya-Ya's care package.

Here's what I included:
• Teddy Bear (that Ila picked out)
• Doll
• Photo album (with pictures of us, our house, her room, our pets)
• Panda peek-a-boo toy
• Stuffed panda toy (that Ila picked out too)
• Terry-cloth hoodie, pants and t-shirt
• Capri pants, t-shirt and sweater
• Footed pajamas
• Socks
• Disposable cameras
• Small, soft blanket
• Tea, truffles & almond cookies for the foster family & orphange

We slept with the blanket and teddy bear so it will smell like us. Hopefully between that and the pictures, she will recognize us or we will be somewhat familiar. I am already planning the second package and I want to make a cd of us reading some books that we will send to her.

Next, Ila got a present from her babysitter, Sari -- a poncho! Ila LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it and even wants to sleep in it. She puts it on and does princess shows for us in it. Of course, I think she is the cutest thing in the world!

And hmmm...what else? Oh yeah, we are going to TAIWAN! Two weeks from today. To visit Ya-Ya for a week. We have bought our plane tickets and are in the process of booking a hotel in Tainan, which is in the southern part of Taiwan. This is the city where St. Lucy's is -- and the foster home where Ya-Ya lives -- and they have opened a new orphanage and are having a big celebration and open house. We couldn't pass up this opportuniy to go and meet our little girl and learn about her country and culture. I have told people for some time now that I had a feeling we would be traveling in April. And in a previous post I wrote that we may have to plan a vacation to pass the time. Two birds, one stone! I can hardly think straight and often wonder what people do on a plane for 14+ hours...I guess we will find out! We fly from Minnesota to San Francisco to Taipei to Kaosiung, then drive 45 minutes to Tainan. I'm sure it will take 24 hours to finally get there. The best thing about it (how can you top having your little girl in your arms for the first time?) is that I will be holding her on my birthday on March 31st. What a wonderful world!

Peace, Lani

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandpa Bruce!


joan said...

Lani-I get gossebumps just thinking about your trip. Bummer you aren't flying thru LA, though!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

That's so great! Hope you have a wonderful trip. Not sure what time of day your flight leaves, but on our flight last week, almost everyone was asleep! There are also several movies to choose from.

I-Chwen said...

Lani - Congratulations!!! I am so glad you will be going! Have a great time in Tainan, best known for its street food and historical sites, you probably knew by now. If you enjoy natural beauty, Taroko Gorge NP is a must. Happy flying!

Julie said...

So much good news at once! I am so happy for all the good things coming your way.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Bruce