March 26, 2007

Up, Up and Away!

This time tomorrow we will be on a plane to Taiwan. It's hard to imagine what the next week will bring. I am so excited to meet our little girl. I hope everything goes well. I am bringing a couple of things for Ya-Ya. I bought her a backpack and in it I am bringing a Minnesota t-shirt, some bubbles and this dog I made at Build-a-Bear. I recorded a message that's inside so when she pushes on the paw she will hear my voice. I said "Hello Ya-Hui...We love you!" The first part I said in Chinese...hopefully I did okay! Then I got a little t-shirt for the dog and ironed on a transfer of a picture of us. I hope she likes it!

Of course we can't forget Ila Marie! We bought 7 presents for Ila and each day we are gone she gets to open one. When she gets to the last present, she will know Mommy and Daddy are coming home. I pray that she does well while we are gone. (This is only the second time we have ever left her...and the longest!) I know she is in good hands with Grandma LuLu! Actually, I pray that we all do well with this and the big changes coming our way.

Talk to you all soon from Taiwan!



Joan said...

please post when you can, I'll be checking and can't wait to hear everything. Good luck!!!! Joan

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and all the changes coming your way. Please post again when you can:) Best wishes as you meet your daughter.


Sarah said...

What a smart idea with the daily presents! Take lots of pictures! I'll be looking forward to reading about your amazing journey.

Julie said...

I didn't get to talk to you before you left, I hope you got my message.

I can hardly wait for you to see her for the first time. I am sure there will be tears of joy and lots of pictures!

Call me if you can...thinking of you all. HUGS

Kevin said...

Great idea on the bear with the picture AND the voice recording! Have a great trip and can't wait to read about it.



taiwanbaby said...

LOVE the picture on the bears shirt!!! totally brilliant. I want one of those MN girl tshirts. let me know where you got it. can't believe your soo close to holding your little girl. wishing you a smooth flight, and lots of sleep!!!!

TaiwanMommy said...

Your girls are just a smidge older than ours.. we have two from Taiwan!

Have a ball on your journey, and make sure you go to the children's shoe dept at the mitsukoshi dept store in Tainan. Seriously.. I brought home, like 15 pair of shoes! Ila will love you for it! :)